Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Green Monster

Why is it that soon as I figure out what day I'm leaving for my next road trip I'm suddenly ADD. I start getting ready to go for a run, get distracted and start packing, get distracted and start blogging.... Or is it these GM's? Maybe a little like BM's - I mean, they're green and liquidy. Green Monster smoothy: I've bet my buddy that I can drink 100 of these in a year. It's a spinach based smoothy, but you mix with fruit and other yummy things to make it actually taste good. And, yes, it does taste good! Google it if you get a chance. I'm on #2 today. No pun intended...

Next stop on the list - somewhere south of here. For those who get my "find me spot" messages, you'll know when you get a waypoint. And I'm not being vague for the sake of keeping it a secret, I don't know either. Eventually I'm headed to Calico for a 50k on Sunday that I probably won't run (tendinitis still bugging me). It'll be a fun trip with some good friends.

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