Sunday, April 10, 2011

the reason i'm late (a conversation between me and logic during a run)

logic: you know your turn around time was back there on top of Black Mountain, right?

me: yeah i know, but i figured since it was all uphill that it wouldn't take as long to go back, so i can add another 30 minutes to my run

logic: ok i can agree to that, just checking


logic: turn around time! yay!

me: well i was thinking, theres a cool spring up ahead a little ways, so i'm just gonna run a little further to see it

logic: it's way up there and you've seen it plenty of times already! Whats new about it?

me: come on - its not that far and its all down hill all the way back except that short hill i just came down

logic: that was over a mile and 1000 ft

me: your exaggerating

logic: theres a sign you just past that says 1.2 miles

me: what sign

logic: you realize that you're running downhill now, right?

me: it's not that steep

...still later...

logic: it's been awhile, where is this dang spring?

me: just around that corner i'm sure of it

memory: hahaha

me: don't listen to memory, logic, you know how unreliable she can be

....still later...

logic: it's WAY past your reassesed turn around time, and here is your spring now lets go back

me: but theres a creek just up ahead all I want to do is go see how high the water is

logic: youve gotta me kidding me

me: seriously, it's just up around that corner

....much later....

logic: well it's about #*#$@ time, good, here is your stupid creek. Are you happy?

me: actually, yes I am

logic: do you see that sign?

me: what sign

logic: the one that says we are 4 miles past your turn around point

me: whoops!! thats IF the mileage is right. And where the hell were you 4 miles ago anyway?!!

logic: f*** it i give up. I need a drink

me: oh, about that, i ran out of water a mile ago

logic: i hate you

....and so it goes on & on & on....