Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On my run this morning there were a few deer on the trail munching on some tree leaves. As I approached (running) none of them even budged. So I walked by quietly and tried not to make eye contact – yeah I’ve seen those episodes of when wild animals attack! It was pretty cool tho, I could have pet them. But I just couldn’t resist, and I looked back as I was passing by and one of them paused eating, peered at me from around the branch he was eating off, and gave me the stink eye!!! He was letting me know he could smoosh me with one hoof if he wanted to. I apologized and scuffled on by. Mean ol deer. :-P

The day before I saw a lone coyote silhouette hanging out on the trail ahead of me – it was about 45 minutes before sunrise. Later in my run an owl was hooting away in the trees (this was about sunrise by then) and I started hooting back (it was raining and I doubt anyone was in the park yet). She followed me, flying from tree to tree, and kept on hooting at me. It was funny. I kept on hooting back at her too. I was mostly agreeing with her that it was too early and cold and wet and what was this silly human doing out here running?