Sunday, April 10, 2011

the reason i'm late (a conversation between me and logic during a run)

logic: you know your turn around time was back there on top of Black Mountain, right?

me: yeah i know, but i figured since it was all uphill that it wouldn't take as long to go back, so i can add another 30 minutes to my run

logic: ok i can agree to that, just checking


logic: turn around time! yay!

me: well i was thinking, theres a cool spring up ahead a little ways, so i'm just gonna run a little further to see it

logic: it's way up there and you've seen it plenty of times already! Whats new about it?

me: come on - its not that far and its all down hill all the way back except that short hill i just came down

logic: that was over a mile and 1000 ft

me: your exaggerating

logic: theres a sign you just past that says 1.2 miles

me: what sign

logic: you realize that you're running downhill now, right?

me: it's not that steep

...still later...

logic: it's been awhile, where is this dang spring?

me: just around that corner i'm sure of it

memory: hahaha

me: don't listen to memory, logic, you know how unreliable she can be

....still later...

logic: it's WAY past your reassesed turn around time, and here is your spring now lets go back

me: but theres a creek just up ahead all I want to do is go see how high the water is

logic: youve gotta me kidding me

me: seriously, it's just up around that corner

....much later....

logic: well it's about #*#$@ time, good, here is your stupid creek. Are you happy?

me: actually, yes I am

logic: do you see that sign?

me: what sign

logic: the one that says we are 4 miles past your turn around point

me: whoops!! thats IF the mileage is right. And where the hell were you 4 miles ago anyway?!!

logic: f*** it i give up. I need a drink

me: oh, about that, i ran out of water a mile ago

logic: i hate you

....and so it goes on & on & on....


  1. ahhhhh. see, this allows the "others" of the world (the non-runners, or even the pretend runners- that'd be me) to more completely understand you runners of the world. Now, personally, my conclusions of you all are confirmed here. YUP, YOU ARE ALL MAD, MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD!!!!!!!!

  2. haha we are a sick bunch for sure - i wonder if this type of sickness is limited to trail or ultra runners, or all runners?

  3. Wow!

    Been reading about running a bunch
    But this unique dialogue was super engaging
    Possibly the best run writing I've read, keep it up!
    Way to push forward, push through,
    You ROCK Faye, Big fan

    Also, Big Papa's done w/Ultra Confessions, ready for the next one

  4. It's limited to you crazy trail runners. We road runners are normal.

  5. @Wayne- Don't try to act like a road runner wayne. You aren't normal in any capacity.

    @J... thx! You guys read too fast! I have another book I got for my mom about an 80 year old nun who does tri's. If you can convince her to borrow it, it's a quick read & super inspirational. I also got "a few degrees from hell" i'll pass along to you when I'm done with it.