Friday, February 5, 2010

Texas to pace!

Most days I can't even get to work by this hour. Right now I'm in salt lake city. I left this morning out of Oakland (thanks for the ride, again, Dave). Next flight to Houston Texas!
Gotta love delta airlines. Safety spiel included "in the rare case of a water landing, there is a safety vest located under your seat... Or in between the seats... Or behind your seat. And some cushions of your seat can be used as a flotation device.". Thank goodness we are not flying over water.
Once in Houston Jose is picking me up and we're driving to Huntsville for his race- Rocky Raccoon 100 mile. Not sure how far I'll pace but I'll be starting at mile 60. Should be fun to run the night section.

Oh and to the guy 2 rows away with the extremely loud phone: really dude? Maybe you could turn that up because I don't think the people in the next terminal will know when you receive a call.

Next flight: a guy pulls out his laptop and proceeds to watch videos without earphones on. It was a great flight.

Well, the guys are checked in, the smoothies are made, the clothes are laid out, and we're hittin the sack.

Wish us all luck!

Race day!

Well almost everyone finished that we were helping crew for. Terry smoked it in 18:47, Jose in 26:46, and Domingo in 28:48. Congrats to them all!

jose finishing first 20 mile loop

Domingo finishing first 20 mile loop

Somewhere around mile 90

It was freezing cold & damp overnight while pacing. I'm paying for that with some lung issues right now. Sorry no stories, I'm home feeling too crummy to try to be funny.

Jose, Terry, Domingo & in front Delores

Till next time....

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